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tv   [untitled]    March 15, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm EDT

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i'm going to be alone to show that the real headlines with none of the mercy are coming live in washington d.c. now it's not really all the details on bradley manning's case defense is calling out the government for not handing over documents the prosecutors have labeled al qaeda as the enemy that manning was allegedly aiding and kevin costello is going to give us the full breakdown on the situation in afghanistan continues to deteriorate scars i want all u.s. troops confined only to bases by next year and how should we look at the bank
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stress test that was done by the federal reserve fifteen out of nineteen banks passed but in two thousand and eight look kind of similar or a list or host of the capital account here on our team is going to help us sort it all out of all that market a night including a dose of happy hour but first let's take a look at the mainstream media has decided to miss. all right so we all know that there are the big news stories of the mainstream media covers every day right you've seen a lot of campaign coverage we've seen to their credit a lot of afghanistan coverage this week as well and of course we've seen a lot of this. thank you jon hamm says he does not regret not for one single solitary moment calling concur dash and e it has that's all use ilya's of people out there who have an i phone a california man had one blow up it is handy in many households across america modern day more women than ever are becoming the primary breadwinners of their families are there she hit right back for her part she defended herself on twitter she called hamm's
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remarks careless and pointed out how someone of her success hardly being an idiot especially me back just for just for the next two or three weeks yeah exactly right so we're talking about march madness obviously everybody's excited about it jarvis dixon says he was just playing a game on his i phone it overheated it exploded bruising is hand he says he's also lost some movement in his fingers in more and more families the woman is becoming the primary breadwinner for in ten women are in men in two thousand and nine you know with this you're going with. or at least there is a dot to do child she is a proud mom of the healthy baby boy jackson. now of course some of the stories travel but i really don't think the most trusted name in news as they like to call themselves should be spending so much time talking about jon hamm and charlie's their own especially because this week something else has been going on we've been covering it for you every single day it's sunshine week a week devoted to advocating for greater government transparency now he's talking
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about media organizations asking with apartment events to unseal court documents for the court martial for bradley manning we spoke about cyber security legislation to open government groups are warning could have a chilling effect on areas for which we're able to file for requests we look at the obama administration's record overall in the war in whistleblowers to keeping the wind at the state dinner a secret so there isn't any outcry over the price tag which i think we can all see it was probably pretty high and unfortunately i haven't seen the mainstream media dedicate any time this week that talking about the fact that it's sunshine week no time devoted to calling out the government for them so. yes of secrecy and calling on them to do more and it's especially unfortunate because these are news organizations right journalists that we're talking about who somehow seem to have forgotten what their real purpose is being the government watchdog so i guess should come as no surprise and they also don't report on the following story but i think it's worth bringing out because we hear a lot about the rules the regulations that are put into place but we don't hear
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nearly enough about all of the loopholes that are out there to let people of void those rules case in point the obama administration's rules on lobbying last week we told you about obama's own hypocrisy after all this is a candidate that campaigned on getting the influence of lobbyists out of washington he signed an executive order regarding lobbyists and the revolving door between working for the federal government after you represent a specific interest and then last week we found out the white house that hires fever shadi a former lobbyist to work with vice president joe biden because very shady use a loophole to get in he had deregistered as a lobbyist and after two years he was able to work for the government again. but this individual example a version it's really a much larger problem there are a lot of loopholes out there and the american lobbyist league has now written a letter to president obama about one very specific rule you see this administration created a rule that individuals who spend less than twenty percent of their time lobbying
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don't have to register with congress as lobbyists probably about of course being that there are people that are actively lobbying and yet they don't have to call themselves lobbyist because it's up to them to police themselves on this entire twenty percent think now the president of all which is the american lobbyist league howard marlo says this particular rule has resulted in a free for all on capitol hill and it makes sense why create a rule and then have the people police themselves i don't think that i'm the only one who have a hard time believing that a rule like that is just bounced to get abuse in a place like washington d.c. and pretty sure the rest of america would be with me after all congressional approval is an all time lows. polls show that americans think that money has too much influence over our political system and as a rule the relies on the integrity and honesty of lobbyists to tell us how much they're lobbying i mean that is just plain stupid but the problem is of course it just creates more of a shadowy culture we end up knowing even less about who is influencing our laws and the miracle obviously has some other ideas out there suggestions for other rules
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that should be put in place things like having lobbying lobbyist reports specific individuals that they meet with on capitol hill and so just saying whether it's somebody from within the house the senate or the executive branch i like that idea but let's leave start with the one that really stands out here just about the most americans that don't know about this example of corruption because the mainstream media doesn't feel that it's their duty to report on it there's just far too much leverage gossip going on this week so sunshine week lobbying loopholes that stuff they choose to miss. well today was day one of two another hearing in the case against bradley manning army private accused of leaking hundreds of thousands of classified documents to wiki leaks members of the bradley manning support network waited outside of fort meade today with science about what do we learn on the inside well the military prosecutors finally have to define who the enemy manning is charged with aiding is
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and it's now we've gleaned it before al qaeda al qaeda in the arabian peninsula and offense also filed a motion to dismiss all charges against bradley manning arguing the government violated manning's rights by failing to overturn certain evidence so let's get more the details are discussed is it me is kevin costner let's civil liberties blogger for fired up lake kevin thanks much for joining us tonight and ok let's start by breaking down some of these details in terms of what it is that the defense is arguing that the government has been withholding from that that by late manning threats so they're trying to get the government to disclose certain events that they feel could be really helpful to. defending manning and so some of these things clued for your requests related to the two thousand and seven apache helicopter attack which was in the collateral murder video the fall of damage assessments such as people looking at the information that was released by bradley manning allegedly
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and determining whether national security was harmed or put at risk and they include. forensic computer images to. showing the sort of software that were on the computers in the facility that bradley manning was doing his intelligence work in and also they include the sort of you know the just the government doesn't want to disclose this evidence that coombs believes could be helpful to. manning and there's a disagreement over the legal rules it totally makes sense to me that that the defense would want to see some of the sas ments that are made by intelligence agencies by whoever to prove or i guess you can say you know to assess whether or not i think there's been any damage done to national security because of the release of these leaks and so why is it me but what's the argument from the prosecutors you know what is their defense for not actually giving them this
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information you think that would be a big deal in this case well it's similar to what we've heard from critics of wiki leaks who say it damage national security but we learned nothing new you've got the prosecutor saying that the defense hasn't been specific enough as to what information they need but yet they could go back and say how this information might not be able to be released because a certain legal rules and then you've also got them saying that they're not really sure if they exist they used the word allegedly they say allegedly damage assessments but fifteen minutes later they stood up in court and were able to detail which agencies or departments have these actual damage assessments so it's all sort of games those those things that are going on that make you wonder just how corrupt is this trial still far less of and that case you know how is the judge reacting and you mentioned there is this game going on and one minute they're
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saying that they're not even sure these damage assessments exist then they actually directly refer to them you know is the judge at least critical how you know how is the judge reacting to this entire motion to to get rid of the case of your audience three words who's adrian lamo and she said that. in the courtroom today which leaves here i'm here to leave she is not familiar with the case material and there are some basic details from the article thirty two hearing that she doesn't know about so. she's able to challenge the defense and she's also able to challenge the government when it comes to military law but she doesn't seem to have the grasp of the wiki leaks story or the bradley manning story she doesn't seem to know what actually went on in the facility that bradley manning is accused of committing and she's still getting a grasp of all the material that has been brought to the forefront so far. she actually said who is adrian right i mean this is i by i'm baffled by this you know
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this is something that's supposed to be ruling on this kind of a case that's just absolutely crazy to me all right let me ask you a few other things though why do they want this boy or crashed in terms of you know the video that ended up being a collateral murder. video that making leaks released i mean how do they think that that is going to hurt or excuse me help me i can only presume because. the defense didn't really exactly state but i can guess that other institutions organizations or media were trying to get those details and they were able to tell why they were denied then perhaps you could give some sort of background us to you know whether bradley manning should be charged for releasing the collateral murder video as he's alleged to have done ok because there also may have been some cover up going on there right people are trying to figure out what exactly happened with that strike i know the families of the reuters journalists were trying to get all the details from the military and you know it was tough for them to do so also isn't the defense claiming that there is
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a video from quantico that shows that when what this person shows that the conditions that manning was held in his cell do we have any idea we don't know we can presume that maybe it was interrogations was it the strip searches is it is it when he was you know ordered to you know stand stark naked for twenty four hour period for those few days you know we don't know what we do know is that in order to get the judge to budge and force the video there's actually a good chance that bradley manning might have to testify and say yes your honor i remember being recorded i was in the cell i was in prison they were videotaping me . is there any reason why manning might not want or for this case to be dismissed you know i mean my obviously he would want the case to be dismissed it doesn't mean the government is going to come back and try to keep it again and so it's not just me more of a waiting game for him you know i don't know the the charges the defense are asking to be dismissed i don't know if they're asking for the entire case to be dismissed
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they're just asking for charges that have been prejudiced because the government has wholly failed to produce evidence that they feel is necessary for their case ok can we talk about you and i are laughing about this before the show to a little bit of an ironic story i guess which is that the prosecutors are claiming that they didn't get you e-mails relating to the case can you tell us why so apparently there's well as one would do as one would expect for a government agency they have a spam filter to protect and part of the spam filter it appears is that if you have the word wiki leaks in your e-mail it's not going to get through to the people who are supposed to receive your mail so there is a huge use the word lawful last time around the arraignment because they were saying we didn't get these e-mails we don't know what's going on and that seems to have been the case and now they've gone to this huge lengthy process of having someone every time at ten am at the day they're going to check the spam filter and make sure the mail instead of letting wiki leaks get through it appears they're
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going to do it. to the e-mail bureaucracy work i guess right and finally you know aiding the enemy is probably is the most serious charges being brought against bradley manning here in the prosecutions that they won't go for the death penalty they're going to try to go for life in prison but what do you think of this notion that they're saying that he aided al qaeda or al qaeda in the arabian peninsula or other related terrorist groups and organizations i mean i i find it to be kind of ludicrous right because then how about every single news source out there the reported on the leaks you know around the cables and whatnot. i just i find it very dangerous i don't know you know this being a military case versus a civilian case i'm not sure what the difference here would be but i don't have a tough time seeing it morphing into this thing where eventual leave five or ten years down the road if they can successfully charge manning with aiding the enemy
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some blogger like myself maybe who has managed to obtain caused by information and publish it which should be allowed into the first amendment could be a target for prosecution i just think it's very easy if the government successful with what they're doing yeah and well all of our reason of this should be people relation paying attention to it kevin thanks so much for joining us i know that you've been you've had a long day of going to the hearing and everything with thanks for keeping us updated with all the details there. it's time for a quick break well we come back so far is that for now but definitely a fit for him to tell their plan. to make sure the copyright case and force the way they see fit and then things seem to be unraveling even further in afghanistan in the wake of the massacre earlier this week so we can talk about the continuing fall out so as we come back.
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to people calling like you said for free and fair elections. again we're still reporting from the land where you can hear behind me loud explosions. on the. t.v. . you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for langley you think you understand it and then he lives
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something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm sorry welcome to the big picture . well for those of you who thought that the war over the internet is over think again because on july twelfth i a species are going after pirates right according to scene at major internet
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service providers like comcast cablevision horizon time warner cable and more they've all been secretly plotting behind closed doors with r.a. and the n.p.a. to find a way to stop copyright infringement and apparently they've been plotting this since last july proving these people know how to keep a secret that is until this week when they are a c.e.o. cary sherman decided to spill the beans and reveal that the major i espied will all be on the same page and ready to attack by this summer this even though there's ample evidence that policing the web for pirates isn't the best way to handle this issue but of course not surprisingly sherman doesn't see it that way and in fact he told the tech site seen at the companies have been working behind the scenes to develop a streamlined method of finding the infringers sherman explained each i.s.p. has to develop their infrastructure for automating the system they need this to establish the database so they can keep track of repeat infringers so they know that this is the first notice or the third notice so there's a good to know the i's beads been working behind theirs customers backs and simply
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didn't mention their plan during the entire month long debate around sopa and pipa and just to show how thoroughly they've worked out there's a plan there's even a penalty system that's going to be implemented called mitigation measures which can range from your internet connection speed to completely suspending your access altogether but guess who else is behind this master plan wasn't just the big wigs in hollywood but washington d.c. you also knew about it and i guess we can't be surprised after all lawmakers actually thought earlier this year that they could pass the stop online piracy act or protect intellectual property act until of course every major tech company millions of internet users all convinced these bills had no place becoming law if you were so opposed to sopa and pipa and even stage and all my blackout and guess what that worked it looks like hollywood is playing the long game here and they're covering all of their brain. they went to both the government and the private sector to make sure they had every tool in the box on their site so clearly they're not going down without
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a fight so people are free calendars july twelfth it is hollywood is coming for you again and this time they're using your internet service provider to help them carry out their plans. and the fall continues after the shooting of sixteen civilians in afghanistan afghan president hamid karzai is now demanding the u.s. can find troops to major bases by next year or early statement said not a single foreign soldiers should enter afghan homes and the entire attention should switch to the country's reconstruction and economic assistance and you cannot do that at a taliban statement was released saying that they are suspending its peace talks because the u.s. turned its back on its promises so clear the situation here isn't getting any better but just how much worse could it get when we discuss it is robert farley system professor at the university of kentucky and blogger lawyers guns and money robert thanks so much for joining us tonight and i guess for starters you know what do you make of this announcement was made by cars i specially considering that then secretary leon panetta was there for two days clearly this is
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a tense trip and according to karzai office he said it to panetta. well this is a this is a significant change in the u.s. for structure in afghanistan and it would be very difficult for the united states to carry out its operation without. being if you want to homes without being of going to religious and so far as i want to confine u.s. forces just to major bases and politically that makes a lot of sense for cars i but at the same time it's very difficult for the united states to do what it's supposed to be doing at least from our point of view with regards to fighting the war if we're controlling the major bases is it just difficult or is it does it become completely impossible to do what you are trying to do i think i can find the basis there are there are some things that you can do there are some situations especially in parts of the country where the job and move more or less freely where united states forces engage them in what amounts of basic set piece battles away from villages away from houses and so forth. even for major
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bases the u.s. can still conduct those country operations but that's totally detached from the sort of counterinsurgency warfare that you know it's been talking about for the last three or four years in afghanistan which involves close contact between u.s. forces and the population and it's also hard to say how the u.s. is going to train the afghan police and the afghan national army what it's restricted from some of the most basic tasks involved with the project with the afghan population so i guess we just see this whole idea of winning hearts and minds thinking a little more because basically they're saying we don't like coming anywhere near the population anywise taking out requests to not have u.s. forces go on night raids and all the how the afghan security forces to now just don't even leave the base period but at the same time far as i also said that he thinks that security forces are ready to take over right now is there anybody they could think of that is possibly true. well nobody in the u.s. army seems to think so nobody in the streets seems to think so. but then we should
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remember that we don't know which of us perspective trickle. on how exactly afghan forces are going to perform and we certainly don't just expect of how they're going to perform when they no longer you know if it's to rely on right now when they have americans to rely on their performance isn't great when they don't have americans from a lot of it's entirely possible that their performance may improve will still be some level support some levels of training and certainly support in terms of weapons and reconnaissance and so forth the afghan national army. so i think it remains to be seen exactly who's right on on how capable and competent the afghan national army is we're going to have to wait until the americans are gone to find that out i saw that what do you think about this statement coming from the taliban because they said that they suspended talks which i guess gives us the idea that they might be ok with them starting up again which then makes the question of this is just a way for them you know to pile on because clearly there's a lot of negative p.r. in the situation right now. right it's interesting that. they focus on
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the question of how the negotiations have been going so sort of pre-arrangements between the united states and the taliban the taliban felt that the americans had not been fully fully fulfilling and they didn't concentrate so much on this most recent incident with the u.s. sergeant and so you know it's really hard to say because we don't have a good sense of how the taliban think it how their organization functions and so it's possible that there are going for more space that they feel this is not a victory hand that they can take advantage of the security of. your you know just how badly the united states wants to negotiate but it's also possible if there's genuine disagreement in the taliban about how far negotiations should go at all. and of course we're going to see a lot of disagreement here at home there's always been a lot of disagreement i guess you could say over the war in afghanistan but now suddenly we've seen this shift where it's ok to say that we shouldn't get out and
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we should wrap the war up and you have learned horrible incident after another happening but then at the same time next week general john allen is going to be testifying on capitol hill and so the way the is looking so far from reports is that we see this breakdown between the military officials the generals that want as many troops as they possibly can and they want to keep them for as long as they can and so while thus far for ten years congress has been willing to do it do you think that we've seen some kind of a shift some kind of a turning point where that's just not going to work anymore i don't really think we're approaching the point i think that we are getting to the point where the only people who want greater engagement in afghanistan and our generals and it's not even all the generals right it's certain parts of certain parts especially the army and. marine corps who want to remain in afghanistan and want to continue engaging in every roll of. the american public doesn't seem to want this anymore most of congress even republicans don't seem to want this you need more major republican
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candidates gingrich and santorum and so it may surely clear vision of. u.s. forces there and so we are coming to see a significant divide on afghanistan and between some parts of the military on one hand and almost everyone else the other then it's hard to say where obama exactly falls on you know when you ordered the surge into afghanistan many people if you didn't want to so we'll see exactly how that plays out. but you know this is a turning point now if you ask me i don't think that there is ever going to be a graceful exit from afghanistan for actually that's that's what the situation is but just looking back at all of the events that happened in the beginning of this year do you think that it's going to be. worse than they imagine it you know it could in some way have been a more smooth transition or are these events that are really going to mark you know that are that are going to play out in history. it's what i think it's really hard
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to say. there we don't know going to sit with her or her mention you know said it was graceful it's five years later the karzai regime or whoever succeeds course i still in power and maybe they are still the mayor of kabul. they don't have a story they can control the country but this has really put us into a position where i think that the american people are so eager to get out and are increasing that you could have you know that we're sort of going to leave grace but . we don't need to leave gracefully at this point we just need to we probably wasn't this didn't have to have that this was a. decision so it sort of brought us the worst point and i just want to hear from specter you know when it's fine secretary leon panetta was there there was of course an incident with the driver of the tried to blow up a car which they tried to downplay and at the same time i kept seeing so many people e-mail me this report that they made the marines disarm you know leave their
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weapons before going into the tents where defense secretary leon panetta would be and so you know is that really that unusual is that some sign that there is a lack of trust or just fear after this incident. when it is certainly possible that i don't know i don't know enough about the secular in particular to say exactly why the marines were sort of you know certainly took some of it whatever protocol or onto the tarmac basically where put it was going to be even if it's a surprise landing really does create some trust issues because the u.s. presence depends on friendly afghans and we've got a lot of incidents the afghans may not remain completely friendly when unfortunate stuff like this happens. our own thank you so much for joining us tonight and of course we'll keep following it here but we'll see if we are going to see some major shift if are going to see this withdrawal happen faster than everyone expected thanks thank you fred. all right still to come tonight show intel's coming up and
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then anonymous has a new operating system for its users to thrive and we're going to ask if you should be stressed about the latest round of federal reserve administered stress tests for the banks or just because he's more a lister about what if anything the around this latest round of testing tells us about the health of the banks and whether we should even trust since we come back. people calling what you said for free and fair elections. and we're still reporting from the lands where you can hear behind me loud explosions.

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